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Pittsburgh's Pothole Problem May Have a Solution


A Pennsylvania company may have invented the machine we’ve been dreaming of, to repair our potholed roadways. Road Mixer is an asphalt plant mounted on a truck and it could be a quick solution to fixing our streets.

So why isn’t the city of Pittsburgh using it? We posed that question to Darren Geesamen, project manager for the Road Mixer company.

The idea for mobile mixer trucks started many years ago. They use hot asphalt to ensure that potholes will be permanently fixed.

“The cold mix is in fact a temporary patch … hot asphalt made right on site or made anywhere, the glue that holds the sand and stone together, when it gets cold it gets hard but when it’s hot it’s very pliable and forms to the shape that you compact it to. With the use of infrared technology that we use as well, you can actually preheat the hole … and you’ll get a much better bond.”

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