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Is MyPath 101 a New Path to Success?

According to the Princeton Review fifty percent of college students change their major at least once. A Pittsburgh company has developed an app called MyPath101 to help students graduate on time.

Rachel Gogos, CEO of MyPath101, described the app in 3 parts.

"The first is all around identity development. So you spend a lot of time answering questionnaires that help you figure out what you should major in, what your strengths are, what your passions are, what your values are. A lot of open-ended questions that we provide self-guided exercises on, so students can help answer those lofty questions. And once they've answered those questions then they can them into their academic advisor or their career advisor and help make some of the decisions around majors.

The second is around social media management, or reputation management. So a lot of students nowadays are putting their whole lives out on social media and very often times what they put on is very damaging about themselves. So that might stop them actually from getting into college because now college admissions professionals are actually taking a look at students before admitting them into school, but also employers, very much, are looking at what students are saying about themselves online and social media. So we provide step-by-step information on how to clean up your act online, but also how to build your visibility in a positive way.

And then the third path is around career marketing. So we have some of the tried and true advice about how to create a great resume to how to write a great cover letter, but then there's a whole new spin again using social media. So we have information on cyber etiquette or how to use twitter to do your job search."

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