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The Business of Summer Camp, from Architecture to Arts & Crafts

While winter is hardly a distant memory, it’s time to start making summer plans. If summer camp is in your child’s future, contributor Rebecca Harris says now is the time to sign-up. This week she focused on the business of summer camps.

More than six million children attend summer camps each year, and there are many different options. There are day camps, sleep away camps and even summer camps for adults. Rebecca has suggested just a few to check out before sessions fill up.

Falling Water offers an architecture camp "A week long high school residency program which lets kids explore and look at the Frank Lloyd Wright ideas, how he developed organic architecture, and they live right around that area," Harris explained "It's a great submersion."

Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History offer day and half-day camps for children ages 4 to 13, as well as programs for pre-schoolers and high school students. Campers are given behind-the-scenes museum tours, have hands-on encounters and learn about everything the museums have to offer.

Chatham University's Music and Arts Day Camp provides traditional activities like swimming and sports, as well as core art, music and theatre courses for K through 9th grade campers.

Camp Poyntelle is a Jewish summer camp that offers horseback riding, sailing and mountain biking.

I Want To Be An Ambassador Camp is for 8th to 12th graders interested in diplomacy and foreign services. The seven-day camp teaches teens the tools they need to negotiate, resolve conflicts and communicate effectively. There is a two day excursion to Washington, D.C. included in the camp for the teens to see how Ambassadors really work together.

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