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Businesses Based on Recycling

Now that Spring is here households and businesses are no doubt doing some Spring cleaning. But if you want to help the environment or earn some additional cash, where and how do you recycle some of the items you're discarding? This week contributor Rebecca Harris looked at the business of recycling. 

Recycling is now mandatory in residences, businesses, offices and institutions in Pittsburgh, so these companies have become more important in the city. The average American generates 4.6 pounds of garbage per day, and only recycle a pound and a half.

AgRecycle is an organic composting company dedicated to using natural materials. They service the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park, providing the stadium with compostable containers for the drinks and food served by their vendors. 

Construction Junction in the East End promotes the use and reuse of building materials and provides them to the community at a reasonable price. They also allow people to recycle tube televisions.

The Steel Recycling Institute focuses on the recycling and reuse of all steel products. SRI also educates the government, businesses and consumers about recycling steel and how the cycle of steel is infinite.

Recycling your electronics is just as important as recycling plastic or steel. Goodwill in Southwestern PA collects electronics, Best Buy takes televisions as well as other electronics and 911CellPhoneBank.org is a nonprofit that has emergency cell phones for victims and service organizations.

eLoop works with businesses and consumers to help recycle their electronics.

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