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The Summer Movie Season, What to go See and What to Stream

Cinema in the Park

The official start of summer might still be a few weeks away, but the summer movie season is already under way. In late May and early June, major studios bring their biggest movies of the year to theaters and drive-ins across the nation, hoping for a blockbuster. 

Pittsburgh City Paper movie critic Al Hoffdropped by to talk about the must-see movies, and which movies are better left to be watched on Netflix. 

The biggest film of the summer, at least thus far, is Godzilla. Hoff said she enjoyed the monster but thought the characters could use more work.

“I think they rounded up some really great actors and I think they didn’t give them anything to do other than stand around and react to explosions and buildings falling. Number one, there was three great actresses in that film that had absolutely nothing to do. Two of them you weren’t even sure what their role was, and then the third was just the imperiled mom, which is a waste of anyone that can act. It was a little baffling to me but obviously the focus of the film is Godzilla and the other monsters,” said Hoff.

She also talked about some of the local film festivals and screenings taking place in Pittsburgh over the next few months, including Cinema in the Park.

“The Cinema in the Park series is back, that also starts next week, that is courtesy of some local financial institutions. They run free movies in about eight of the city parks, the biggest is of course Schenley Park, where you can sit on the lawn there. They’re mostly family-oriented movies but anyone can go.”

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