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When Opposites No Longer Attract: Coming Out After Marriage


Coming out can be a difficult process for anyone who realizes that they're lesbian, gay, or transgender. But what are the challenges for LGBT people who have been married, raised families and realize they’re not straight?

This topic is the focus of the book, When Opposites No Longer Attract, by Michael Testa. It's based on his own personal experience with this situation.

When Testa came out to his wife and kids he said he had one main concern,

“My biggest concern was being accepted, not being abandoned, being cared for as the person that I am not for what I have now become, which inherently was always in me just now becoming a little more obvious. And really just a concern that I would be alone and there would be no support,” said Testa.

He explained that this is what drove him to write the book.

“There still is very little support for individuals who are coming out like this," Testa said "Social media has helped quite a bit. But there still is no collection of stories like we put together in this book for someone to pick up and say, ‘Oh, maybe this is me, maybe it’s not me.’ At least there's something for them to read, to have. And we shared our stories to help them get through some of the problems and the situations that we went through.”

Testa's book is available online at

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