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Turnpike Tolls on the Rise For the Foreseeable Future


The PA Turnpike Commission has approved a toll increase set to begin in 2015. This is the seventh rate increase since Act 44 of 2007.  It is also the first time since 2011, EZ Pass rates have gone up. What do these toll rate changes mean for the future of the turnpike?

The Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Carl DeFebo said these increases will not be the last and the increases will help improve Turnpike infrastructure and other roadways in Pennsylvania.

“For the first time in the history of the turnpike, we've actually been investing in the revenues from our customers, some of the toll revenues are being invested on off-Turnpike transportation needs. Namely PennDOT roads and bridges as well as important public transit.  That's really the funding plan of Act 44, is really the reason why the Turnpike has been implementing toll increases and under that plan these annual increases are going to be called for in the foreseeable future." 

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