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Will Larimer be the New Success Story of the East End?

Jessica Nath
90.5 WESA

For years, East Liberty has beentouted as the biggest success story of the East End.

But now Larimer has the potential to add its own chapter to the story, with the help of a $30 million dollar grant from the Choice Neighborhoods Program of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

“We certainly expect that the awarding of this grant is going to serve to kickstart a lot of the work that we’ve been engaged in, over the past seven years in particular," said Malik Bankston, executive director of the Kingsley Association.

"As we reimagine the Larimer community and think about what tomorrow’s sustainable community really looks like and what are going to be the required elements to make that successful.”

Bankston said the grant will be used to revitalize several areas of need, including housing.

“The $30 million will be divided into basically three buckets, if you will. $21 million of the 30 goes directly towards the support for a one-for-one replacement of approximately 155 units of existing housing that are in the Larimer and East Liberty communities.”

The overall plan calls for the construction of about 350 new units of mixed-income housing.

Out of the remaining $9 million, $4.5 million will go toward community infrastructure improvements such as stormwater mitigation programs, and creation of parks and green spaces. Along with a wide range of services for residents, such as educational opportunities, job readiness training and health and wellness programs.

“It’s not enough to just invest in place," Bankston said "You also have to invest in people.”

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