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Thursday Rundown: What We Can Learn From Ferguson, Mo.

These topics air Thursday August 21, 2014 at noon and 8pm on 90.5 WESA. Join the conversation LIVE between 12pm & 1 pm weekdays at 412-246-2002.

Police Dept. Handling of the Ferguson, Mo. Shooting

Much of the nation’s attention has been focused on the unrest in Ferguson, Mo. The shooting of a young African American man by a police officer has led to riots, looting and tension between law enforcement officials and the citizenry. Pitt Law Professor David Harris evaluates the police department’s response to the incident, why it went wrong and what could happen next.

Getting Medical Aid to Ebola Victims

The Pittsburgh-based medical relief foundation Brother’s Brother has been trying to distribute medical aid throughout Western Africa since an outbreak of the Ebola virus began last spring. More than 1,200 lives have been claimed by the virus, many were health care workers. Luke L. Hingson, President of Brother’s Brother joins us to talk about what caregivers face when treating people with Ebola, and how the 56 year-old foundation can keep up with demand in the affected regions.

Upcoming Fitness Events

Before summer comes to a close and the autumn chill is in the air, there are plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy. Joe Vennare, co-founder of the online fitness and health magazine Fittsburgh, joins us with suggestions for some upcoming fitness events you may enjoy. 

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