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5 Steps to Post-Grad Success with Career Consultant Sasha King

In this month’s installment of On the Job, career consultant Sasha King stops by to tackle the recent problem of post-graduate unemployment. According to King, students should begin their school careers with an endgoal in mind.

Here are 5 steps you can take at the beginning of college to increase your chances of employment.

1.) Look at recent labor market research data to select a major based on the current industry trends.

2.) Spend some time reading job ads, keeping your eye on the skills needed to become hired in your chosen industry. Take some time outside of class working to develop those skills.

3.) Become familiar with your career center. Career centers can help build etiquette and assist in transitioning into the job world.

4.) Find a mentor. Seek out faculty members or alumni with similar interests.

5.) Look for ways to stand out as soon as possible. Search for scholarships and accolades that matter in your chosen industry.

King also offered recommendations on alternative post-graduation options, how to find internships, and how to properly network. According to King, the links made with mentors--and even friends and family--can make a difference during the job hunt.

“Between 40 and 60% of hiring is based on someone making a referral for you,” she says.

A native of Flagstaff, Arizona, Reid joined 90.5 in May 2013 as a fellow in the WESA programming department. The triple major--English writing, sociology and film studies is on track to receive his degree from the University of Pittsburgh in April 2015. Following graduation, Reid wants to make a career out of writing.
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