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Internet-enabled Toothbrushes and Other Highlights of the Consumer Electronics Show

Becky Stern

The International Consumer Electronics Show, held in Las Vegas, is history for another year. Our pop culture contributor Joe Wos was one of the many people in attendance and had a front-row seat to see the next big gadgets that could be changing our lives.

The Consumer Electronics Show, Wos explains, is the largest technology exposition in the world, where many of the biggest tech companies debut their new tech products. He noticed that Wearables -- like smart watches, Google Glass, and so on -- were especially hot this year.

Meanwhile, 3D printers are starting to enter the consumer market, as their cost has significantly decreased in recent years. Wos says he was also especially impressed by the three-wheel cars produced by Elio, which, he says, can go about 85 miles on a single gallon of gas.

Also hot at the CES was “the internet of things” -- all sorts of new household items that connect to the internet -- including toothbrushes. Connectivity and personalization are recurring themes in the world of new tech products, Wos observes.

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