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Evolving Standards for Wheel Chairs and Accessibility Worldwide

Mark Grapengater

There are 70 million wheel chair users worldwide. Our guests Dr. Rory Cooper and Dr. Jon Pearlman are helping to create new standards for as many of them as possible.

The doctors are co-directors of Pitt’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and this month they’re launching the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals and they discuss how their work will impact wheel chair users around the world.

“The whole goal of this society is to provide opportunities to everyone around the world who needs access to a wheelchair,” says Dr. Cooper, who uses a wheel chair for mobility.

Dr. Pearlman talks about how wheel chair standards need to be improved, not only in the US but worldwide. "

"Despite good wheel chairs being available... they are not the least expensive wheel chairs. It is a matter of raising awareness of the importance just being very clear about the rights of people with disabilities and wheel chair users around the world."

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