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Essential Pittsburgh: The Steel City's Role in Cyber Defense

Today's topics include cyber security, a cross country fundraiser for Haiti, and the Pittsburgh connection to the Oscars.

Cyber Security

How devastating could a cyber 9/11 be? Tribune Review reporter Andrew Conte shares the results of his recent investigation into the vulnerability of the nation’s infrastructure to cyber attacks. 

Andrew gives his thoughts on what the government and corporations can do to maintain security in the cyber world:

“They have to be more cognizant of what is happening out there and they have to be proactive.”

He continues by saying:

“Companies need to do some self-analysis. Start out there..do a search figure out, 'Is our industrial equipment connected and vulnerable?'”

Run Across Haiti

It’s been five years since an earthquake devastated the island nation of Haiti. This weekend a group of runners from the region will run across Haiti to raise funds to help the poor. Leading the runners is Pittsburgh native Ian Rosenberger, founder of the non-profit Team Tassy.

Rosenberger talks about Team Tassy’s goals for their cross country run in Haiti: 

"Our goal is...this is the first year and we expect to put 8 people across the finish line and raise about $75,000 dollars and we’re not going anywhere. For us, the ideal next step is to do it again next year and double the amount of participants. For us running was a great way to show people particularly that this is a country to take notice of, in a positive way."

The Oscars

Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton is one of five nominees for best actor at this year’s Oscars. From producer David O. Selznick who won an Oscar for "Gone With the Wind" to best actor nominee William Powell, pop culture contributor Joe Wos talks about Pittsburgh’s connections to the Academy Awards

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