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Essential Pittsburgh: Staving Off the Winter Blues

How do you keep these cold, gray days from getting you down? Humor helps.

Today's topics: a review of the recent Pennsylvania Democratic Leadership meeting, a new surgical adhesive created by a Pittsburgh company and tips on dealing with the winter blues.

How to Beat the Winter Blues (30:55)

Have the bone chilling temperatures been bringing you down and keeping you indoors? Are you eating too much comfort food and binge watching Netflix to help you deal with the winter? Point Park University Humanities and Human Sciences professor, Brent Robbins offers tips to help combat the winter blues and some actual benefits:

“ Winter season is much more of a melancholy period of time where people sort of get self-reflective and turn more inward…they're not active and out in the streets so much. But along with that, comes I think an opportunity to self-reflect, to think about what we want to accomplish, what we have accomplished so far, changes and goals."

A Review of Pennsylvania's Democratic Leadership Meeting

Over the weekend Pennsylvania’s Democratic Leadership held a meeting in Hershey. While the Democratic National Convention coming to Philadelphia in 2016 has been great news on the national front, here in the commonwealth there could be a rift in the leadership of the state’s Democratic Party.  Reporter Charles Thompson covers state government for the Patriot News and talks about what it could all mean for Pennsylvania.

Cohera Medical Inc Medical Presents a New and Innovative Surgical Adhesive (18:01)

Cohera Medical Inc. is a good example of Pittsburgh’s meds and eds economy. The North Side company recently received FDA approval for its internal surgical adhesive. Cohera Medical President and CEO Patrick Daly explains the product's potential to revolutionize surgeries and how the new tissue glue is used.

“Its really drops of adhesive that are placed inside the body with our applicator and it allows the planes of tissue with the big flaps to be held in place. Our product basically takes these big open spaces in your body and closes them naturally.”

To leave a question or comment before or after the show dial 412-256-8783. More Essential Pittsburgh segments can be heard here.

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