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Essential Pittsburgh: P4 Summit Spotlights Renewable Power Revolution


What’s being described as a major effort to forge a new model of urban growth and development is underway. The P4 international summit has brought experts from around the world to the Steel City and we’ll talk with one of them, Amory Lovins, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute. He’ll talk about what the renewable power revolution means for cities like ours.   
Amory Lovins shares some of the benefits of using renewable energy in relation to fossil fuels:

"Just the routine improvement in both wind and solar power have made them already cheaper than new gas power in almost all of the country."

Also in this hour Jason and Melora Angst from the Artisan Tattoo parlor speak about their plan to save their shop, and Elaine Labalme shares the best hiking and biking spots in Pittsburgh.

Keeping Artisan Tattoo Alive (15:18)

A local Garfield tattoo parlor is facing unexpected difficulties-- a lax building inspector led them to believe that nearly $90,000 in updates and repairs were not immediately necessary. Now, the shop must raise the money during a six-month grace period just to keep its doors open-- and to keep the space from turning back into a vacant storefront-- as well as fight for Garfield's arts economy and the residents who are invested in it. Our guests are Jason and Melora Angst, tattoo artists and owners of Artisan Pittsburgh. 

Hiking and Biking (33:04)

With the arrival of warmer temperatures it’s time to get outdoors and find time to stop and smell the wildflowers. Travel contributor Elaine Labalme joins us this week with recommendations for biking and hiking venues in the region.

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