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Essential Pittsburgh: Baltimore Officers Charged in the Death of Freddie Gray

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Protestors in Minneapolis show their support for the people of Baltimore, where 6 police officers have been charged with a number of crimes including murder and manslaughter for the death of Freddie Gray.

The six Baltimore police officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray have been charged with a number of crimes, including murder and manslaughter. Pitt Law Professor David Harris joins us to explain the details behind the charges and what they mean.

Considering the charges, Harris explains how they figure into the usual categories of homicide charges:

"In the universe of homicide charges, there are different possibilities. One is first-degree murder, one is second-degree murder, then you go to manslaughter and then, maybe, negligent homicide. ... Both of the types of homicide charges involved here do not involve intentional killing. They involve degrees of reckless behavior." -- David Harris

Also in the program, NazilaFathi talks about her book "The Lonely War," which paints an intense and intricate portrait of post-revolution Iran, and Pittsburgh cartoonist Joe Wos explains Mazetoons, his newly syndicated puzzle/cartoon hybrid.

Fighting "The Lonely War" (begins at 23:31)

Just nine years old when the 1979 Iranian Revolution swept the shah from power, NazilaFathi grew up watching her homeland transform around her. The revolution took away Iranians' personal liberties. In her book "The Lonely War: One Woman's Account of the Struggle for Modern Iran,"Fathi reveals how moderates are steadily retaking the country. She is speaking this week at the City of Asylum and the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh and joins us in studio to discuss thirty plus years of cultural and political change in Iran.
Feature Debut for Joe Wos (begins at 39:22)

It's a puzzle, it's a cartoon and it's nationally syndicated. Today marks the debut of MazeToons. We're celebrating the launch of MazeToons with pop culture contributor Joe Wos, who created the feature and explains what's behind national syndication.

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