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Remembering The Season Pittsburgh And Philadelphia Became The 'Steagles'

Urban Archives
Temple University Libraries
The 1943 Philadelphia-Pittsburgh 'Steagles' starting line-up.

The most important thing that came out of the Steagles, and really all of pro- football during WWII is that it really kept it alive at a time when it was real touch and go for the NFL. - Matthew Algeo

   During World War II, due to shortages, there were plenty of things Americans had to do without and NFL football was nearly one them. The war left the league with a shortage of able bodied men to play the game. So rather than shut down during the 1943 season, the Steelers and the Philadelpha Eagles combined their rosters to form a unified Pennsylvania team; the "Steagles." We'll talk with Matthew Algeo, author of "Last Team Standing: How the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles--'The Steagles' Saved Pro Football During World War II," and Al Wistert, the last surviving Steagle.     

Also in the program, we'll hear thoughts for the future National Fraternal Order of Police and the recent charges against Attorney General Kathleen Kane. 

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