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Life Lessons From Being A Big Brother Or Big Sister

Getting to be his big these last fourteen years has been the journey of a lifetime. - Tom Baker

Mentoring is one of the most important roles members of Big Brother Big Sister can play in the role of their “little.”  However, the “big” also benefits from the relationship. According to Tom Baker, chief community affairs officer at Big Brothers Big Sisters, “Being a ‘big’ I always say has been the second best decision of my life after marrying my wife.”

Baker became a big brother shortly after graduating college in 2002. He was matched with Preston who, to this day, is still one of his closest friends. “Getting to be his big these last fourteen years has been the journey of a lifetime.”

Ned Schano has been a “big brother” for more than a decade. He also serves on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters. He had always been interested in becoming a mentor for the organization after his experiences as a little-league and kids basketball coach.  However, Schano says, “I really wanted to try to make a one-on-one difference with the kids to really impact one child in their life not just for one season but hopefully a lifetime.”

Outings with their “littles” can range from seeing the Pirates at Heinz Field to school activities.  However, both Tom and Ned agree some of the best moments have come during the small everyday interactions that are impacting the kids.

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