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'2nd Skull' Provides Additional Protection Against Head Injuries

Katie Blackley
90.5 WESA
2nd Skull inventor Federico Olivares and his skull cap creation used to protect against head injuries.

Head injuries are a concern for anyone participating in sports. A number of products have been developed to provide additional protection for athletes participating in sports where head injuries are possible. Seeing his son fall from an electric four-wheeler, while wearing a helmet, created a tense moment for Federico Olivares inventor of 2nd Skull headgear protection. The bike helmet didn’t do much to protect his son. “At that moment I felt compelled to do something,” Olivares recalls.

Inspiration came when he saw NFL and college football players wearing skull caps under their helmets. “A light went off and I really felt there was an opportunity to bring a thin layer of protection that anyone can wear under a helmet and that was the birth of 2nd Skull,” says Olivares.

The main benefit of the product is the additional layer of protection a skull cap and headband can bring. It’s currently being used by high school and college athletes. Feedback  has been positive with some parents of athletes asking, “Why isn’t this mandatory?”

Second skull is a relatively new product which is bringing more awareness to the issue of concussion protection and is being sold online and in sporting goods stores.

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