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Pittsburgh Resident Appointed To Head VA Center For Women Veterans

Department of Veterans Affairs
Pittsburgh resident Kayla Williams was deployed to Iraq in 2003, where she worked as an intelligence speicalist and Arabic linguist. She's now the director of the VA Center for Women Veterans.

There are more than 71,000 female military veterans living in Pennsylvania, according to recent numbers from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Pittsburgh resident Kayla Williams was recently appointed to become the director of the VA Center for Women Veterans by Secretary Robert McDonald. Williams, who is a former intelligence specialist in the United States Army and served as a Arabic linguist, is also the author of two books chronicling her deployment to Iraq and return home. “Love my Rifle More Than You: Young and Female in the U.S. Army”, a memoir about her deployment to Iraq. And “Plenty of Time When We Get Home: Love and Recovery in the Aftermath of War.” She joined us to talk about her new role and the challenges facing female veterans in the United States.

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