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Turahn Jenkins Says True Criminal Justice Reform Requires Change, Starting With The DA's Office

Sarah Kovash
90.5 WESA


It’s been a trying year for the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, spawning lengthy grand jury reports and charges against one East Pittsburgh Police officer.

Now Turahn Jenkins, a criminal defense attorney and former public defender, hopes to give incumbent Stephen Zappala a tough primary race this May -- something Zappala hasn’t faced in 20 years.

Credit Kevin Gavin / WESA
Democratic Allegheny County District Attorney Candidate Turahn Jenkins stands outside of the WESA studios.

Soon after he announced his candidacy, Jenkins faced backlash and calls to drop out when advocates raised questions about his ties to the Bible Baptist Church in Wilkinsburg, which preaches that homosexuality and identifying as transgender are sins. When asked about these comments, Jenkins said he’d like to keep his personal views separate from the race.  

If elected, Jenkins said he'd like to change how the district attorney's office approaches its criminal justice system.

“We have to be smarter on crime, because tough on crime hasn’t worked,” he said. Finding resources for those incarcerated to rehabilitate themselves and access opportunities on the outside is essential, he said. 

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