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Westmoreland's 'Mingled Visions' Celebrates Stories & Challenges Stereotypes About Native Peoples

A new exhibition at The Westmoreland Museum of Art explores the effects of colonialism in America while highlighting the experiences of Native Americans. The museum is offering performances, discussions and culinary experiences as part of the collection, which is anchored by a photography exhibit called, "Mingled Visions: The Photographs of Edward S. Curtis and Will Wilson."

Credit Autumn Stankay / SkySight Photography
Anne Kraybill joined 90.5 WESA's The Confluence on Monday, April 1, 2019.

Anne Kraybill, the Westmoreland’s director and CEO, says that she hopes the exhibit will bring attention to the museum, but more importantly, to Native American artists.

“We’re a museum of American art," she says. "We have an opportunity and a responsibility to really diversify the conversation and expand the narrative to include many stories about what it means to be an American.”

The collection's images offer a comparison between the photographs of late 19th century photographer Edward Curtis and modern-day work by Diné photographer Will Wilson, a member of the Navajo Nation. The exhibit seeks to challenge stereotypical imagery of native peoples seemingly frozen in time. Wilson creates contemporary tintypes of Native Americans, and will select up to 12 participants for a personal shoot May 18.

Later in the program:

Ayisha Morgan-Lee founded the Hill Dance Academy Theatre more than 10 years ago to teach black dance and to preserve and perpetuate the Hill District’s rich cultural heritage. She spoke with 90.5 WESA’s Brian Cook about shaping the next generation of well-rounded professionals and not being “Pittsburgh’s best-kept secret” anymore.

The 37th state Senate district will vote in a special election tomorrow, choosing between Democrat Pam Iovino and Republican D. Raja. With both sides predicting a tight race, 90.5 WESA’s Chris Potter reports that some people are looking at this race to gauge where the electorate stands heading into the 2020 election.

While the partial meltdown of Three Mile Island in central Pennsylvania 40 years ago never led to large releases of radiation, the accident did help move public opinion away from nuclear energy. StateImpact Pennsylvania’s Susan Phillips reports that just eight years ago, a far more devastating nuclear accident in Japan had a similar effect on the public’s views. The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown is known in Japan as simply “March 11.” 

And the Allegheny County Health Department is responsible for inspecting any establishment that serves food—from schools and restaurants to caterers and ballparks. But right now, the department is falling behind on those inspections due to a shortage of inspectors. Jim Kelly, the county’s deputy health director, says the department is working on making more people aware of the open positions, and in the meantime, the office will prioritize inspections for schools and restaurants with active complaints. 

90.5 WESA's Meg Fair, Alex Lenigan, Mick Stinelli and Julia Zenkevich contributed to this program.

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