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One Small Step: Jon Durfee & Emily Miller On Faith, Mental Health & Politics

Erin Keane Scott
90.5 WESA
Emily Miller (above), 28, and Jon Durfee, 31, spoke for StoryCorps' and WESA's One Small Step.


During this contentious and divisive election season, taking place on top of a global pandemic and a year of nationwide civil protests, it often feels the opposing political sides are so at odds, no middle ground can be found in between. 


StoryCorps and 90.5 WESA have teamed up to find that middle ground through One Small Step, a project that aims to connect people across the political divide through the act of conversation.


In this first of a series of conversations, Jon Durfee, 31, an engineer from Mars, Pa., says his political leanings are firmly rooted in his Christian faith. For Emily Miller, 28, a hospitality industry worker from Shaler, Pa., it’s her personal experience that’s shaped her world view.


In their conversation for One Small Step, they discuss how those views informed their stances on social issues, and whether or not their positions are reconcilable. 


StoryCorps' One Small Step is made possible in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.


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