Fred Keller

Matt Rourke / AP

Voters are about to fill the lone vacancy in the state House of Representatives with a special election in a Republican-leaning central Pennsylvania district.

The election Tuesday is for a seat vacated in May, when the former incumbent, Republican Rep. Fred Keller, was elected to Congress.

The race pits Republican David Rowe, a fitness business owner and former township commissioner, against Jennifer Rager-Kay, a Democrat and doctor who lost to Keller last year by a 2-to-1 margin.

Republican Clair Moyer is pursuing a write-in campaign.

Lawmaker Wants Earlier School Enrollment in PA

Aug 13, 2013

Across most of Pennsylvania, children aren’t required to go to school until they’re 8 years old, with a few exceptions.

But one state lawmaker is trying to change that.

Republican state Rep. Fred Keller of Union County said he wants to set the minimum compulsory age to 6 years old, the most common age minimum for school attendance in the country.

He said it seems like common sense to require earlier enrollment in schools.