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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and members of the Community Taskforce for Police Reform presented their recommendations for changes in policing on Monday.

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The long-running battle over the Christopher Columbus statue in Schenley Park moved closer to a conclusion Friday when Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto announced -- on the eve of Columbus Day -- that he agrees with the city's Art Commission, which voted unanimously Sept. 23 to remove the monument.

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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto talked about police reform during an online panel discussion Thursday hosted by the University of Pittsburgh. During the discussion, he explained why firing problematic police officers — who have been a target of protests this summer — can sometimes be difficult. 

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Anti-racist activists faced off with Pittsburgh police in Point Breeze Wednesday night, after talks with Mayor Bill Peduto broke down. Police used chemical agents and other less-lethal crowd control methods, and one person was arrested.

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A second consecutive night of protesting outside of Mayor Bill Peduto's house ended in chaos as participants were corralled into Mellon Park by police, then shoved and sprayed with what appeared to be pepper spray by officers.

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Protesters are expected to march through Mayor Bill Peduto’s Point Breeze neighborhood Wednesday evening for the third time this week. Organizers say their only demand is a conversation with the mayor about the Black Lives Matter movement, something activist Lorenzo Rulli said he has been requesting for months. 

A small number of protesters who remained outside the home of the mayor of Pittsburgh overnight were dispersed by police Wednesday morning and the mayor issued a statement decrying residents being “harassed and threatened."

Pennsylvania Mayors Appeal To Congress For Federal Aid

Aug 11, 2020
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Mayors in Pennsylvania are challenging the state's members of Congress to help them get direct budget aid from the federal government, warning that cities of all sizes face steep deficits and deep service cuts as a result of the coronavirus' impact on the economy.

A half-dozen people involved in a June 1 East Liberty protest have filed a federal lawsuit against city of Pittsburgh officials, alleging that police violated their civil rights and “escalat[ed] a peaceful protest into a scene of pandemonium, panic, violence and bloodshed.”

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Last week, activists presented 12 demands for overhauling law enforcement to city and county officials. On Monday evening, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto responded with a 5,000-word statement that said the city was already adopting some policies but could do little about others.

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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto announced the creation of a police-reform task force Wednesday. The task force will review current police practices and police-community relations, and will have recommendations to the mayor by the fall.

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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said Thursday he will wait for the results of two investigations before drawing conclusions about why and how police broke up a protest in East Liberty Monday. In the meantime, he vowed to adopt new police reforms — a pledge that received a tepid response from some local black activists, who said the city must go farther.

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Amid conflicting accounts over what led Pittsburgh police to break up a protest in East Liberty Monday, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto vowed to review transcripts of police communications “line by line” to determine what actually happened. But the mayor said at a news conference late Monday night that he would not make the transcripts public, a move that has prompted criticism from some transparency advocates.

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  On today's program: PA has little recourse to help cities devastated by wage taxes out-of-work employees never accrued; Pittsburgh is slow to adopt plans for future climate migrants; and scientists question whether closing schools was the right call.

​On Friday, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto will announce the next steps for the city as the region moves into the yellow phase of the coronavirus pandemic. During an interview with WESA on Wednesday afternoon, he said Pittsburgh is prepared for the region’s slow reopening -- but that the city will be contending with the virus and its impact for years to come.

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In a mid-April address to the city of Pittsburgh, Mayor Bill Peduto said the coronavirus pandemic would mean “dark days” for the city’s finances. But even as there are signs that Allegheny County has limited the spread of the virus, and that reopening of some sectors of the economy may happen as early as next month, City Controller Michael Lamb agrees the city will feel the impact for some time to come.

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In an online speech that lasted less than 15 minutes, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said the city has so far avoided the worst of the coronavirus – but that the effects of the pandemic will last for years.

On today's program: Pittsburgh's mayor says it will be weeks before local coronavirus cases peak; residents ask whether the government should direct more resources to people struggling during the pandemic; and a look at how local arts groups are coping with widespread shutdowns.

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On today's program: Rep. Jake Wheatley wants legalized weed to fund social programs, including record expungement; an update on a proposed low-to-no barrier homeless shelter on the Mon’s southern shore; a nursing program outside of Philly might be the best bang for your educational buck; the NAACP is calling for the permanent removal of an Allegheny County judge; and one of Pittsburgh’s busiest libraries is temporarily closing.

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On Tuesday, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto got City Council’s approval to remove City Councilor Deb Gross from the board of the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, replacing her with fellow Councilor Erika Strassburger.

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On today's program: Mayor Bill Peduto on the year ahead and a new City Council; an effort to help gun owners surrender their weapons in times of crisis; local television stations reach a deal with cable providers; American Chestnut trees could make a comeback; and how to recycle your Christmas tree. 

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Darlene Harris isn’t going quietly: Less than a month before the Pittsburgh City Councilor is set to step down, she has filed a lawsuit against the city’s Ethics Hearing Board and Mayor Bill Peduto – the latest maneuver in her years-long defiance of the city’s campaign-finance rules.

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At first glance, the finances of the Pittsburgh Public Schools look healthy. It has nearly $112 million in the bank, and the district hasn’t closed a school since 2012 or raised taxes in five years. But early budget discussions, and a dispute with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto may be a sign of trouble to come.

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On today's program: How DNA from veterans could help cure societal ills; the FBI is investigating Gov. Wolf’s environmental oversight of a pipeline; redistricting, school closures and tax increases are all possibilities for Pittsburgh Public Schools; PA attorney general Josh Shapiro is talking opioids in D.C. today; and why some customers can’t link their PNC accounts to apps like Venmo.

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At a city budget address Tuesday Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said he thinks the state should take over the city school district’s finances. 

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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto followed through Friday on a pledge to address global problems like poverty, gender equality and clean energy. He said the city will adopt goals set by the United Nations and apply them to Pittsburgh.

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On today's program: Mayor Peduto returns from the world stage on climate action; robotics and AI are helping power a local agriculture company; Pittsburgh restaurants are helping restore the Chesapeake Bay; the state Supreme Court declines to abolish capital punishment in PA; and a reporter hopes to find tangible solutions to child poverty in the region. 

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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said city and county officials are in talks to build a homeless shelter in downtown Pittsburgh.

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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is calling on state and federal legislators to pass a variety of gun-control bills in the next 30 days.