Budget 2021

Wolf Promotes Natural Gas Tax To Boost Pandemic Economy

Feb 22, 2021
Office of Gov. Tom Wolf

As a part of his $37.8 billion proposed budget, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing a plan to prop up the pandemic economy by taxing natural gas drilling.

Wolf's Tax Plan Takes Center Stage As Budget Hearings Begin

Feb 16, 2021
Matt Rourke / AP

Lawmakers kicked off budget hearings Tuesday as the Pennsylvania state government faces a multibillion-dollar revenue gap — a hangover from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — and Gov. Tom Wolf's proposal to raise the state income tax takes center stage.

Wolf Launches A Budget Fraught With Deficits, Uncertainty

Feb 3, 2021
Gov. Tom Wolf / Flickr

Gov. Tom Wolf asked lawmakers Wednesday to raise income taxes on higher earners and give public schools a massive boost in aid, as state government faces a gaping deficit and uncertainty over how much more pandemic relief the federal government will send.

Matt Rourke / AP

Highlights of Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s policy proposals for the 2021-22 budget year that starts July 1:

Pennsylvania State 'Survival Budget' Passed

Nov 24, 2020
Sarah Kovash / 90.5 WESA

On today's program: State government reporter Charles Thompson explains why the approved state budget was passed with few frills or debate; and we hear about the Marshall Plan for Middle America, a roadmap to support an equitable economic transition to renewable energy for Pennsylvania and nearby states.

Lieutenant Gov's Flags Fly In The Face Of Some PA Lawmakers

Nov 20, 2020
Matt Rourke / AP

Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor, Democrat John Fetterman, may have gotten under somebody’s skin.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Begin Advancing $11B Budget Package

Nov 19, 2020
Matt Rourke / AP

Pennsylvania’s state Legislature was set to begin voting Thursday on a roughly $11 billion no-new-taxes spending package to carry state government through the rest of the fiscal year and fill, for the moment, a multibillion-dollar deficit inflicted by the pandemic.

Matt Rourke / AP

Just a few weeks before a new state budget must be approved, an independent analysis says the commonwealth may not have all the money it needs.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Aim To Fill Virus-Inflicted Deficit

Nov 17, 2020
Matt Rourke / AP

Pennsylvania's state Legislature is working this week to assemble a spending plan to carry state government through the rest of the fiscal year and fill, at least for the moment, a multibillion-dollar deficit brought on by the economic impact of the coronavirus.

Rachel Gobep / 90.5 WESA


On today's program: Mayor Bill Peduto presented Pittsburgh’s proposed 2021 budget earlier this week. It includes an almost 10 percent cut in police funding; and the latest phase of a sky mapping project could help answer long-held questions about our universe.

Sarah Kovash / 90.5 WESA

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto announced the city's proposed budget for 2021 on Monday. The spending plan totals $564 million and includes no tax hikes or layoffs -- for now.  

Deadline Looms To Defuse Pennsylvania's Budget Time Bomb

Oct 16, 2020
Matt Rourke / AP

Months after passing a partial budget that avoided some hard decisions, Pennsylvania's Legislature and governor face a deadline at the end of November to finish the job and plug a multibillion-dollar deficit.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Plow Ahead On Budget, Emergency Aid

May 28, 2020
Matt Rourke / AP

A temporary, no-new-taxes $25.8 billion spending package headed to Gov. Tom Wolf's desk on Thursday, passed in speedy fashion barely 48 hours after its details first became public in the Republican-controlled Legislature.