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Jim Brunton pulled his boxy delivery truck into the loading dock of his family’s milk plant after wrapping up his weekly door-to-door route, which starts around 4 a.m.

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Before Pittsburgh became the Steel City, the region was known for glass manufacturing.

Just 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Jeannette was once home to several glass plants and was known as “Glass City.”

Jeannette Specialty Glass has remained in business since 1904.

“This little town used to be a big bustling town. It used to have seven glass factories here,” said CEO Kathleen Sarniak-Tanzola. “I’m the only one left.”

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A Gibsonia-based manufacturer produces a type of bed that keeps kids from wandering at night.

Courtesy of Edgar Snyder & Associates

Personal injury lawyer Edgar Snyder is arguably the most recognizable attorney in western Pennsylvania. For decades, he has been in TV commercials, in radio ads, and on roadside billboards, asking potential clients, “Hurt in an accident?”

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Surrounded by stacks of paper, ink containers, and cardboard boxes, Denise Jones taps the top of a gray metal cutting machine.

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On a street corner off Penn Avenue in East Liberty sits a large, unassuming gray building. It houses one of the most popular language learning programs of the digital age. You might recognize its logo: a green cartoon owl.