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A full rehabilitation of Pittsburgh’s Produce Terminal is expected to be completed in August of 2020. City and county officials gathered in the Strip District on Tuesday to celebrate the building’s future.


new report released on Monday by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania says the Federal Communications Commission overstates broadband internet availability and access across Pennsylvania.

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Pittsburgh's outdoor pools open Wednesday, giving residents reprieve from hot temperatures this summer. This might be the last summer that water for pools, and other amenities, will be free for the city. 

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Amidst renovations throughout the Strip District, Pittsburgh’s Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) hosted a public “Market Workshop” Thursday to hear community commentary on the state of the neighborhood's development.


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A newly proposed cooperation agreement between the City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority will be introduced in city council on Tuesday.

Pittsburgh City Council unanimously approved spending $10 million from the Urban Redevelopment Authority's Housing Opportunity Fund on Tuesday.  

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Mayor Bill Peduto worries Aqua America may still try to purchase the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, a concern he addressed to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, or PUC, last week.

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In the North Side neighborhood of Brighton Heights, tucked into a corner on Richardson Street, is a two-story home with yellow siding. Natalie Perko, 33, moved in earlier this month.

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A new report blames wintry weather conditions and poor maintenance for an incident in January 2018 in which 27 barges broke away on the Ohio River near Pittsburgh.

The National Transportation Safety Board's marine accident brief released Thursday said the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority and Industry Terminal and Salvage Company did not properly maintain mooring cells or prevent river shoaling.

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On today’s program: The Allegheny Land Trust is protecting a former mine from developers; water from military bases near Pittsburgh International Airport is being contaminated by toxic chemicals; U.S. Congressman Conor Lamb talks Russia investigation and abortion bans; the kids for cash scandal gets a musical; and a national tournament for blind bowlers comes to Pittsburgh.

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Mario Ulizzi started training as a shoemaker in 1991. His then-girlfriend, now wife, Carla, came from a family of shoemakers, and her father suggested he try it. “It just became a part-time job and then a passion and a career,” he says. But sometimes he worries about what the constant exposure to glue, shoe polish, and dust means for his health.

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Pittsburgh City Council gave preliminary approval Wednesday to accepting a grant related to autonomous vehicles. Councilors said they will hold off on a final approval, pending a public hearing. The vote came after nearly an hour of public comment, with many residents expressing concerns about the idea of running an autonomous shuttle from Hazelwood to Oakland.

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Port Authority of Allegheny County will only invest in two transit projects in 2020, according to a preliminary draft of the capital budget presented to board members Wednesday.

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Riders on Pittsburgh’s Light Rail T system at Steel Plaza station may have noticed four tracks: one goes inbound, one goes outbound and two veer off to the east. But signs for the two east-bound tracks have been covered or removed and trains don't use them.

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Drivers this holiday weekend can expect a lot of traffic in and around Pittsburgh.

AAA predicts this will be the most traveled Memorial Day holiday since 2005, with a 4 percent increase in travel by vehicle over last year in the mid-Atlantic area.

Roads will be busiest late Thursday and Friday afternoons as commuters mix with travelers, said Jim Garrity, spokesperson for AAA’s East Central office.

Walking down the streets of Greensboro, Pennsylvania, it feels a bit like a ghost town. There are houses, business signs, a post office, but only two cars drive by in 10 minutes and no one is walking the streets.

The small town in southern Pennsylvania is just across the West Virginia border. It sits on the banks of the Monongahela River, surrounded by small hills and patches of trees. In years past, the town has weathered the boom and bust of a pottery industry, river trade and coal. Lately, it has been more bust than boom.

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Even today, nearly 20 years after Bethlehem Steel declared bankruptcy, and decades after it began its slow decline, there’s no consensus why exactly the iconic company tanked.


An open-air music venue, food hall, hotel and playground are among the elements included in the master plan for the redeveloped Civic Arena site in the Lower Hill District, which will be named “Centre District.” Detailed renderings of the $750 million project were unveiled to residents at a community meeting Wednesday evening.

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The Hill Community Development Corporation is hoping a $55 million project to redevelop the New Granada Theater block will be a catalyst to continued development in the area. The project will include office and retail space as well as mixed-income housing units, according to CEO Marimba Milliones.

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A new federal tax shelter could kickstart a wave of investment in Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania. At a forum hosted by the Hill Community Development Corporation last Friday, opportunity zones were hailed as catalytic, transformative and lucrative.

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A funicular that gives sightseers and commuters a panoramic view of Pittsburgh has reopened.

The Monongahela Incline was closed for more than three months because of flood damage.

The reopening had a slight hiccup when power went out in the neighborhood just an hour after service restarted Friday morning.

The Port Authority says power to the incline was restored later in the morning. Duquesne Light says the rest of the neighborhood should be back online soon.

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Mobility researcher Brandon Daveler has spent years learning how to design and build better powered wheelchairs. But starting a company to sell the first model that can be fully submerged in water required a whole new education. “Business owners are the only people that will work an 80-hour week to avoid working 40 hours a week for somebody else,” he laughs.

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After more than three months of negotiation, city of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority officials say they hope to present a new cooperation agreement to council and PWSA’s board of directors within the month. The deadline for the agreement was extended 60 days, from May 4 to July 5.

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In a whirlwind tour of regional infrastructure on Monday, the chair of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee said Republicans and Democrats must find a way to rebuild the nation’s bridges, roads, mass transit and water and sewer systems.

Whole Foods Commits To Former Penn Plaza Site

Apr 29, 2019
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Developer LG Realty has a new anchor tenant for the former site of Penn Plaza in East Liberty. It’s the same retailer first proposed several years ago – Whole Foods Market.

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In theory, Pennsylvania could be spending billions more dollars to update aging roads and bridges.

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Fair housing advocates presented the City of Pittsburgh with an extensive list of policy recommendations this week. It’s the latest step for the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Task Force.

This is the first document of its kind produced by the task force, which represents dozens of organizations across all sectors. Members spent several years examining the policies of other cities, historical practices in Pittsburgh, and gathering feedback from the community.

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For a long time, Pittsburgh’s approach to development was to open the lid of the subsidy jar and throw out tax abatements like hard candies at a Halloween parade; new buildings eventually meant more tax revenue. Now, as interest in building in Pittsburgh continues to grow, the city wants to find a way to capitalize on it. That’s where inclusionary zoning comes in.

State Rep. Innamorato Takes To The Bus For 'Mobile Townhall'

Apr 24, 2019
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Some riders on the Port Authority’s route 91 bus were met by their state representative on Wednesday morning. 

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After three hours of almost entirely supportive public comment, the Pittsburgh Planning Commission approved a trial run for a new affordable housing policy on Tuesday.