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WESA's coverage of the 2020 election, including campaigns for the Pennsylvania state House and Senate, statewide offices, Congress, and president. 

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It has been nearly a month since the presidential election, and a week since President-Elect Joe Biden was certified as the winner of Pennsylvania. But President Donald Trump’s campaign is still pursuing its foundering effort to contest the commonwealth’s electoral results.

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In their latest attempt at sowing doubt in Pennsylvania’s 2020 election, a group of state Republicans has latched onto rhetoric coming from President Donald Trump and his legal advisers about voting machines used in 14 counties during the November election.

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The state Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit that aimed to throw out mail-in votes — or, potentially, all votes — from the Nov. 3 election.

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President Donald Trump’s legal team suffered yet another defeat in court Friday as a federal appeals court in Philadelphia roundly rejected the campaign's latest effort to challenge the state’s election results.

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Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar say a court order to halt the next steps Pennsylvania’s election certification process could interfere with the state seating its electors – and they’re appealing to the state Supreme Court to intervene.

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About two weeks before Election Day, Becca Levine, 27, got a phone call from a county official telling her she would be a judge of elections on Nov. 3.

Panel Rejects PA House Request To Audit 2020 Election

Nov 24, 2020
Commonwealth Media Services

An attempt by Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature to audit the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election failed Monday when a bipartisan panel rejected it, citing its redundancy.

Pennsylvania Certifies Biden As Winner Of Presidential Vote

Nov 24, 2020
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Democrat Joe Biden has been certified as the winner of the presidential election in Pennsylvania, culminating three weeks of vote counting and a string of failed legal challenges by President Donald Trump, state officials said Tuesday.

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The 2020 general election results were made official in Allegheny County on Monday morning when the Board of Elections voted to certify the results -- even though a court order hours later will require the board to adjust its total.

In Blistering Ruling, Judge Throws Out Trump Suit In PA

Nov 22, 2020
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A federal judge issued a scathing order Saturday dismissing the Trump campaign's futile effort to block the certification of votes in Pennsylvania, shooting down claims of widespread irregularities with mail-in ballots.

PA Legislative Committee To Audit County Election Data

Nov 20, 2020
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State lawmakers approved a measure Thursday allowing the legislature to audit county election data.

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On today's program: David Dausey from Duquesne University outlines precautions for keeping students and families safe ahead of the holidays; A judge has ruled to count ballots cast in a hotly contested state senate race; and scientists have modified the American chestnut to survive blight, but some disagree GMO trees are the answer.

State House Republicans Vote For Election Procedures Study

Nov 18, 2020
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Republicans in the state House on Wednesday pushed forward on party lines a proposal for a review of election procedures in Pennsylvania, although its author insisted he accepts voting results and is not trying to overturn them.

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Election workers in Allegheny County will be able to count 2,349 mail-in ballots that were received by Election Day but weren't dated by voters, according to a new court ruling Wednesday. The decision, and a companion ruling about other ballots called into question, could decide the outcome of a hotly contested state Senate race. Republicans filed an appeal later in the day.

Senate Republican Caucus

One is a former health-care worker and political veteran from Westmoreland County. The other is an ex-public defender and relative newcomer from Philadelphia. Two different women, two different parties, two different sides of the state.

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Pennsylvania's state Supreme Court said Wednesday that it will take up challenges to more than 8,000 ballots in Philadelphia filed by President Donald Trump's campaign, among the lawsuits launched by the Republican and his allies amid President-elect Joe Biden's victory in the battleground state.

A Rusty Giuliani Returns To The Courtroom On Trump's Behalf

Nov 18, 2020
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Representing a client inside a courtroom for the first time in nearly three decades, Rudy Giuliani showed some rust as he tried to make the case that President Donald Trump has been robbed of re-election.

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When David Galarza showed up at Christ Lutheran Church in the majority-Hispanic city of Reading on Election Day, the lines were long and moving slow, even though it was the middle of the day, when fewer people are typically voting.

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An Allegheny County judge heard arguments Tuesday morning about whether 2,349 mail-in ballots that came in by Election Day should be counted, even though voters forgot to write down the date themselves before returning the ballots.

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On today's program: Distribution of $150 million in statewide rent relief lags, despite being sorely needed; The Trump campaign is challenging thousands of provisional ballots; and the University of Pittsburgh acquired August Wilson’s archive, opening the door to the playwright’s life for researchers. 

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Quairah Tucker votes in every election, but this year brought a lot of firsts.

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Western Pennsylvania Republican Guy Reschenthaler alleged on conservative media this week that “voter fraud here is constantly an issue” in Pennsylvania, though some of his claims fly in the face of what is known about the 2020 election.

Former Trump Staffer Fishing For Fraud With Thousands Of Cold Calls To PA Voters Is Short On Proof

Nov 13, 2020
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A Virginia-based former high-level Trump campaign staffer is crowdfunding an effort to use a call center to fish for accounts of alleged voter fraud in Pennsylvania and other swing states.

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President Trump is giving an update on the coronavirus pandemic, speaking for the first time since Joe Biden became president-elect. Trump has been falsely claiming on Twitter that he won, and his campaign launched a slew of lawsuits challenging the legitimacy of the results and baselessly alleging widespread voter fraud. Watch his remarks live.

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After coming under fire on social media, Pittsburgh lawyers Ron Hicks and Carolyn McGee have asked to be removed from a federal lawsuit that seeks to undo votes cast in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania’s highest-ranking law enforcement official said Thursday that more than a week after Election Day he still has not seen any indication there was widespread voter fraud.

Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro, elected to a second term last week, said lawyers for the Republican Party and President Donald Trump also haven’t produced any evidence of it in the swirl of litigation they’re pursuing.

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A Pennsylvania judge sided with President Donald Trump's campaign Thursday and ordered counties not to count a tiny number of mail-in or absentee ballots for which the voter didn't submit valid identification within six days after the Nov. 3 election.

The injunction issued by Commonwealth Court Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt deals with an as-yet unknown number of ballots that may number a few thousand, or less.

Kim Ward State Senate Website

Republicans who control Pennsylvania's state Senate voted Thursday to select the chamber’s first female majority leader and promote their majority leader of the past six years.

Steven M. Falk

The campaign of Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati renewed its lawsuit against a Spotlight PA journalist and others Thursday, asking the Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas to overturn a lower court’s dismissal of the case.

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On today's program: The Trump campaign filed suit in federal court to stop certification of Pennsylvania’s election results; the Pittsburgh Steelers currently have their best start to a season since 1978; and the Film Pittsburgh Fall Festival presents dozens of full-length and short films completely virtually.