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The world’s largest "furry" convention is back for its 13th year at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center downtown. Anthrocon runs through Sunday, and this year’s theme is “Movie Monsters.” 

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Attendance is up at Anthrocon, a conference boasting the world's largest convergence of human-like animal characters, now celebrating its 20th year.

Documentary Dives Into Complexities Of 'Furry' Culture

Mar 11, 2016
Katie Blackley / 90.5 WESA

Pittsburgh is no stranger to furry culture. Every summer, thousands of members of the community gather in the Steel City for Anthrocon. But for filmmaker Dominic Rodriguez, he wanted to create a documentary taking a closer look at the Furry population. His film, "Fursonas," has been making rounds at independent film festivals and had its Pittsburgh debut last night at the Regent Square Theater. Essential Pittsburgh's Paul Guggenheimer spoke with Rodriguez about his movie and furry culture at large.