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Legislation that would limit the governor’s ability to restrict access to guns during a disaster emergency declaration is moving through the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

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A gun rights rally scheduled to take place in Harrisburg on Monday has been indefinitely postponed after a credible threat was made, one of the organizers said Thursday.

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by a gun shop that challenged Gov. Tom Wolf’s authority to shutter businesses determined to be “non-life-sustaining,” paving the way for enforcement to begin Monday.

Gun Shops In PA Packed Ahead Of Coronavirus Closures

Mar 18, 2020
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Gun shops across Pennsylvania have been packed this week, with shoppers buying up ammunition and firearms as uncertainty about the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic continued and Governor Wolf ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses in the state by midnight on Monday.

At some shops, lines stretched out the door.

“It’s insane right now, I’ve got three lines going,” said Jeff Rodemyer, owner of Bluestone Firearms in York.

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Gun rights activists across Pennsylvania are encouraging county and municipal leaders to adopt “Second Amendment Sanctuary” ordinances to prevent local governments from enforcing a broad range of gun restrictions.

But the president of a prominent gun rights group in Pennsylvania is not on board.

“I personally believe that these things are misguided,” said Kim Stolfer of Firearms Owners Against Crime, based in southwestern Pennsylvania. “And it flaunts the law.”

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Two students in Pennsylvania are in police custody after a gun was found in a parked car on campus.

Judge Tosses Pittsburgh Gun Laws Passed After Massacre

Oct 29, 2019
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A judge on Tuesday struck down gun restrictions that the Pittsburgh City Council imposed after last year's synagogue massacre, noting that Pennsylvania state law forbids municipalities from regulating firearms.

Gun Debate Revives In Pennsylvania Statehouse

Sep 24, 2019
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The debate over guns is reviving in Pennsylvania's Legislature, although Democrats say the process ignores their top priorities and could end up loosening gun laws.

Tuesday marked the start of a two-day Senate committee hearing on gun violence and a slate of House committee votes on gun-related legislation.

The action follows a burst of gun violence in Philadelphia and the wounding of six city police officers in a standoff. Pennsylvania's Republican-controlled Legislature is historically protective of gun rights.

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The state legislature is emerging from its long summer recess this month, with the House back in session Tuesday and the Senate returning next Monday.

Lawmakers are about halfway through their two-year session, and they left a lot unfinished when they took their post-budget break. Here’s what to look for during the impending flurry in Harrisburg.

The great energy debate

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A lawsuit challenging the legality of gun control ordinances in the Pennsylvania capital has gained new momentum in court.

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Dick's Sporting Goods announced on Thursday that sales are up at some stores that are no longer selling guns. But the Corapolis-based company said it hasn't made a decision about whether to pull firearms from all its stores.

Last fall, as a test, it pulled 10 stores out of the "hunt business." Those stores would not sell any hunting- related gear, including guns, and instead would increase inventory of more profitable items, like sports jerseys and outerwear. 

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Days after shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, claimed 31 lives, scores of people gathered in Squirrel Hill to rally for an end to gun violence. More than 15 speakers addressed the crowd, which blanketed the lawn and steps in front of the Sixth Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh Thursday evening.

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A Pennsylvania man has been charged with making threats against Temple University and its police department as he was buying ammunition in a Walmart store, authorities say.

The Bucks County district attorney's office says 29-year-old Patrick Buhler, who has addresses in Morrisville and Mount Bethel, was arraigned Saturday on misdemeanor terroristic threats and harassment counts.

State To Better Track Guns Used In Crimes As Violence Soars

Jul 11, 2019
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The Pennsylvania attorney general's office launched an effort Thursday to improve the use of firearms databases, so law enforcement can better track guns used in crimes and, ultimately, clamp down on gun violence.

The move comes amid a surge in such violence in Philadelphia. The city's rate of homicides this year is about the same as it was in 2018, when Philadelphia recorded 349 of them, the most since 2007.

Courtesy of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania

After the 2018 midterm election, the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation made a big shift from 13 Republicans and five Democrats to an even split of 9-9, but Pennsylvania Republican Party chair Val DiGiorgio says he’s not worried about the 2020 presidential race.

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Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has spent years trying to get big tax-exemptions to help pay for social and environmental needs. He still appears to be a ways off from officially launching the effort, dubbed "OnePGH," but based on a public discussion of those goals on Thursday, his vision for it may actually be broadening.

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The Christmas Eve fire at Clairton Coke Works should serve as a wake up call for U.S. Steel to do better by residents, according to PennFuture president and CEO Jacquelyn Bonomo.

She says other coke producing facilities across the nation have done a better job of improving air quality in their region than the U.S. Steel facility has for Western Pennsylvania.

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Critics of Pittsburgh's proposed gun-control regulations were vocal during a post-agenda hearing convened by City Councilor Darlene Harris Tuesday afternoon. 

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Understanding fare inequity and providing riders better tech tools are top priorities for the Port Authority of Allegheny County in 2019, CEO Katharine Kelleman says. 

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A prosecutor is telling Pittsburgh's city council that it lacks the authority to pass proposed restrictions on some firearms and ammunition. 

Parent Lawsuit Over Armed Teachers Sparks Heated Exchange In Eastern PA

Jan 4, 2019
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A press conference in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, Friday concluded with a heated exchange between a school board member and a resident about the wisdom of arming school staff to protect against a mass shooting.

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A pro-Second Amendment rights rally is planned for Monday, in front of the City-County Building in downtown Pittsburgh. The city's public safety spokesperson Chris Togneri said planning for this rally is no different than any other.


Police say a teenager was wounded by a bullet while riding on a school bus in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh police said in a Twitter post that a school bus driver said she was driving students home from New Academy Charter school shortly after 6:30 p.m. Monday when she heard two or three gunshots.

She said a 17-year-old youth on the bus "yelled that he had been shot in the shoulder." Two other students were uninjured.

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Pittsburgh Public Schools police officers will not be allowed to carry guns anytime soon.

The school board voted 8-1 Wednesday to deny a revised policy that would have authorized the district’s 22 sworn officers to carry firearms.

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Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Board of Education is expected to vote Wednesday night whether to arm the district's 22 police officers. Superintendent Anthony Hamlet says he respects school Chief George Brown's recommendation, but remains vehemently opposed to allowing firearms on PPS campuses.


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Pittsburgh Public Schools’ board members will vote on whether to arm the 22 police officers the district employs later this month. 

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After Parkland, Florida, high school shooter Nikolas Cruz was found to have had a history of domestic violence, Pennsylvania legislators introduced a bill calling for those convicted of domestic abuse to give up their guns.

Under Pennsylvania’s current law, those abusers have 60 days to do so — or they can give the guns to a relative or a friend. If they are subject to a protection from abuse order, which is a civil infraction, it’s up to a judge whether they must relinquish their firearms.

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The Washington Post's John Woodrow Cox joins Bucks County Democrat and state Rep. Helen Tai, who recently proposed a package of bills requiring the safe storage of firearms and the reporting of lost or stolen weapons by their owners, as well as penalties for those who fail to comply with the law.

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At the South Philadelphia high-tech makers’ space NextFab, creators of all types work on projects using laser cutters, robots, and a room full of 3D printers.

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  State officials say they've successfully stopped a company that makes 3D downloadable guns from making them internet-accessible in Pennsylvania and from uploading new files. But the halt is temporary.