Coro Center for Civic Leadership


On today's program: The Coro Center is celebrating 10 years in Pittsburgh; how a local book club inspires kids to dream; American shale gas is playing a role in the UK’s debate over fracking; the city’s low-barrier winter shelter opens downtown; and what to look for in the city’s 2020 budget.

RMU Sophomore First To Receive National Leadership Distinction

Mar 16, 2016
Robert Morris University

The Institute for Responsible Citizenship is an intensive leadership development program for African American enrolled in colleges and universities across America. Robert Morris sophomore Nolen Keeys is the first student from the university to receive this honor. Nolen Keeys joins us to discuss the honor and his educational future.

Remembering Dr. Rex Crawley

Dec 2, 2013
Robert Morris University

Dr. Rex Crawley was a longtime professor at Robert Morris University and founder and co-director of the Black Male Leadership and Development Institute.

He died last week of complications of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He was 49.

We spoke with him in June, as the institute’s week-long workshops were getting underway and talked about the need for such an institution in Southwestern PA.

Dr. Crawley is survived by his wife, Daria and two sons, Xavier and Vaughan.