Mail-In Ballots

Carrie Antlfinger / AP

Pennsylvania’s counties continue to press lawmakers and Gov. Tom Wolf to allow them to process mail-in ballots before Election Day in the battleground state as they consider the prospect of waiting until polls open to dig into what could be 3 million or more envelopes. 

GOP Takes Pennsylvania Court's Ballot Deadline To High Court

Sep 28, 2020
J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania on Monday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to put a hold on a court ruling in the battleground state that extends the deadline in November’s election to receive and count mailed-in ballots.

Probe Into 'Discarded' Ballots Becomes Campaign Outrage Fuel

Sep 25, 2020
Kevin McCorry / WHYY

The news release from a U.S. attorney in Pennsylvania was provocative: Nine mailed-in military ballots had been “discarded” by the local election office in a swing county of one of the most important presidential battleground states.

Tyger Williams / Philadelphia Inquirer

With less than seven weeks to go, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has significantly altered how the state’s election will run on Nov. 3, allowing ballots that arrive after Election Day to be counted and giving voters the option to use satellite drop boxes.

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On today's program: A federal emergency assistance program for people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic is running out of money well ahead of schedule; voters can choose from multiple ways to cast their ballots this November; and local arts organizations say they’ve been harmed by a ticketing service that’s not holding up its end of the deal.

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On today's program: The election is fast approaching, but lawsuits surrounding this fall’s vote are still tied up in court; college students face uncertainty and confusion about how to vote during the pandemic; and half of Pennsylvania schools do not employ any teachers of color. 

Mailed Ballots Can't Be Discarded Over Signature, State Says

Sep 15, 2020
Carrie Antlfinger / AP

With concerns rising in Pennsylvania that tens of thousands of mail-in ballots will be discarded in the presidential election over technicalities, officials in the battleground state told counties that they cannot reject a ballot solely because an election official believes a signature doesn't match the signature in the voter’s file.

Kate Landis / PA post

A Commonwealth Court judge has denied the NAACP Pennsylvania conference’s bid to make voting in the presidential election Nov. 3 safer and more accessible during the pandemic.