Philadelphia Energy Solutions

Philadelphia Refinery Site Declared Under Control 3 Months After Fire, Explosion

Sep 25, 2019
Emma Lee / WHYY

The site of a refinery explosion and fire that rocked South Philadelphia last June and led to the refinery’s shutdown is now under control.

Dangerous Philadelphia Refinery Chemical Still Poses Threat To Community

Aug 8, 2019
Emma Lee / WHYY

The dangerous task of disposing of a toxic chemical at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery could put workers and the surrounding community at risk, according to city officials.

Hydrofluoric acid is integral to the creation of high-octane gasoline. It’s used at about 48 alkylation units in the United States — and was used at the South Philadelphia refinery, where an explosion in June destroyed the unit and led to the closure and bankruptcy of the plant.

Neutralization Of Hydrofluoric Acid To Begin At Philly Refinery

Aug 7, 2019
Emma Lee / WHYY

Workers at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in South Philadelphia began neutralizing tens of thousands of barrels of a highly toxic chemical this week. The refinery is shutting down after an explosion and fire destroyed part of the plant. The company has entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Emma Lee / WHYY

Scientists and regulators appeared before Pennsylvania state lawmakers Wednesday to discuss the environmental impacts of the fire that ripped through Philadelphia Energy Solutions last month, and they almost universally made the same recommendation.

Ximena Conde / WHYY

The largest oil refinery on the East Coast is extending the termination date for employees by another six weeks to better prepare the property for "possible sale and restart" following a devastating fire, the company said. 

Lawsuit Claims Philly Refinery Failed To Give Workers Ample Warning Of Layoffs

Jul 2, 2019
Ximena Conde / WHYY

A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of workers recently laid off from their jobs at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in south Philadelphia following an explosion and fire that destroyed part of the plant last Friday. 

Matt Rourke / AP

The owner of the largest oil refinery on the East Coast is telling officials that it will close the facility after a fire last week set off explosions and damaged the complex.