Rural Pennsylvania

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Access to the internet is changing commerce for rural small businesses: 39 percent of them in Pennsylvania say they now sell their goods outside the state, according to a report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Amazon. However, many say there are still roadblocks.


Telemedicine has the potential to connect people in rural communities to health care providers who might otherwise take hours to reach by car. But a new University of Pittsburgh study finds that many of these places lack the infrastructure to actually make telemedicine possible.

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Nearly three and a half million Pennsylvanians live in rural parts of the state. In many ways, rural areas face challenges different than those in urban areas. Researchers gathered this week for the 26th National Symposium on Family Issues in State College, with a focus on rural families and communities.

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The number of acres permitted to grow industrial hemp in Pennsylvania is going to increase 100-fold in 2018, from less than 50 to possibly more than 5,000.

Stuck On Slow, Pennsylvania Renews Push For Rural Broadband

Nov 6, 2017
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In rural swaths of Pennsylvania, fast internet is a literal pipe dream.

Residents in sparsely populated areas with little or no high-speed infrastructure say it's next to impossible to stream TV shows, telecommute, do videoconferencing or consistently access their cloud-based email.