South Side Slopes

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Whether it's the middle of the day—or the middle of the night—Pittsburgh’s South Side is bustling with activity in and around its coffee shops, bars, shops and restaurants. The South Side Community Council is a volunteer group that acts as the glue that holds together the neighborhood’s homeowners and businesses and advocates on behalf of its residents.

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Pittsburgh is many kinds of city: it’s a sports city, it’s a robotics city, it’s a ketchup city. But at its most essential, Pittsburgh is a city of steep hills. In the early 1900s, public staircases were built all around the city to help people navigate challenging terrain. 

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Brian Oswald is pretty familiar with the steps of the South Side Slopes.

Adam Jette

The South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association is tackling the task of renovating one of Pittsburgh’s community steps through a neighborhood-driven public art project titled “The Oakley Street Mosaic Steps.”

“Mosaic steps” are much more common in Europe and California and are seen by countless passers-by every day. The South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association wanted to create a similar, yet unique to Pittsburgh effect, on a few sets of city steps.

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On Saturday, step climbers made their way up, down (and up and down) the South Side Slopes as part of the 14th annual StepTrek.

With a focus on maintaining the neighborhood's numerous sets of public steps, the event combines history, fitness and photography as walkers take self-guided tours of the hillside community. The event is organized by the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association.