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Trump Administration Rescinds Protections For Streams And Wetlands

Jan 24, 2020

The Trump administration announced it’s finalizing a rollback of a major Obama Era rule that clarified which waterways can be regulated by the Clean Water Act.

This Erie Biology Professor Led A Campaign Against A Coke Plant In His Community

Oct 3, 2019
Ed Mahon / StateImpact Pennsylvania

Some of the wildflowers in the overgrown field reach Mike Campbell’s head.

He walked through them one recent day, pointing out where to watch for railroad tracks, as he got closer to Erie Coke.

It’s an industrial plant on the shore of one of the Great Lakes where workers turn coal into a key ingredient for steel manufacturing. The operation has a long history of environmental violations, and it survived a shut-down attempt by state regulators almost a decade ago.

It’s now being targeted again — in part thanks to Campbell and a group he helped start.

How Did Fracking Contaminants End Up In The Mon River? A Legal Loophole May Be To Blame

Sep 11, 2019
Reid R. Frazier / StateImpact Pennsylvania

About a year and a half ago, Guy Kruppa realized something was wrong with his bugs.

Dangerous Philadelphia Refinery Chemical Still Poses Threat To Community

Aug 8, 2019
Emma Lee / WHYY

The dangerous task of disposing of a toxic chemical at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery could put workers and the surrounding community at risk, according to city officials.

Hydrofluoric acid is integral to the creation of high-octane gasoline. It’s used at about 48 alkylation units in the United States — and was used at the South Philadelphia refinery, where an explosion in June destroyed the unit and led to the closure and bankruptcy of the plant.