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Aaron Weidman, 32, of Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood, says the idea of “luck” plays a limited role in how likely a person is to realize their potential. But Tawnya Davis, 53, of Monroeville, Pa., says not everyone has access to the same resources. 

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During this contentious and divisive election season, taking place on top of a global pandemic and a year of nationwide civil protests, it often feels the opposing political sides are so at odds, no middle ground can be found in between. 

On Sept. 11th, 2001, Joe Dittmar was on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center's South Tower for a business meeting when the terrorist attacks started.

Dittmar, then 44, had been visiting New York City from Aurora, Ill., a Chicago suburb, where he worked in the insurance industry.

Before the meeting began, the first plane hit the North Tower, and Dittmar saw the hellish aftermath from a South Tower window.


Shortly before she passed away, late last year, holocaust survivor Elfi Rook was interviewed by her daughter Jill Rook.

StoryCorps Pittsburgh: Marcel Walker

Aug 27, 2017

Marcel Walker speaks with Michelle Belan about the day he was taken to a Pittsburgh area children's shelter and what he took away from that experience.

StoryCorps Pittsburgh: Nancy Travis Bolden

Aug 20, 2017

Nancy Travis Bolden discusses her career as a school social worker with her friend Gloriana St. Clair

StoryCorps Pittsburgh: Margit Diamond

Aug 13, 2017

Margit Diamond is interviewed by her granddaughter Ilana Diamond.

StoryCorps Pittsburgh: Kelly Organ

Aug 6, 2017

Kelly Organ talks with StoryCorps facilitator Vera Carothers about what it was like as a northerner attending a historically black college in the South.


Jill Russell adopted her daughter Sophia, from China, on Jill's 50th birthday. They discuss Jill's feelings that day and  what they both have learned in the ensuing years.


Sonya Chambers speaks with friend Jeanette Casicato.


Henry Reese and his wife Diane Samuels talk about co-founding City of Asylum-Pittsburgh, which provides sanctuary for writers in exile, and how it has changed their lives.


Ashok Gurung discusses his efforts to help the Bhutanese refugee community in Pittsburgh.


Nick Grimes, director of the post 9/11 veterans storytelling project with the Veterans Breakfast Club in Pittsburgh, speaks with friend and colleague Aradhna Oliphant.


Former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Baldwin is interviewed by her husband Arthur Baldwin.


Husband and wife Ike and Ada Ezekoye discuss how events in their home country of Nigeria have influenced their lives in Pittsburgh

Caroline Gormley interviews her dad, Duquesne University president Ken Gormley, about his childhood in Swissvale.

Rosa DeFerrari interviews her father, life-long social activist Mel Packer, about his time hitch-hiking across the country after dropping out of high school and the foundations of his political beliefs.


Author and historian David McCullough was interviewed by Andy Masich of the Senator John Heinz History Center in the autumn of 2016.

90.5 WESA Brings StoryCorps To Pittsburgh

Sep 15, 2016

Local Residents Invited to Participate Oct. 13 - Nov. 11

Sept. 15, 2016 – 90.5 WESA today announced that it is bringing StoryCorps, the organization that celebrates the stories of everyday Americans, to Pittsburgh from October 13 to November 11, 2016 and that local listeners with a story to share are invited to take part in this groundbreaking Oral History Project. In the course of its nationwide tour, StoryCorps has collected more than 65,000 interviews from Americans in all 50 states, and has created one of the largest collections of human voices ever recorded.

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Former Pirates pitcher Kent Tekulve was known as a workhorse out of the bullpen during his 16 year Major League Baseball career. He led the majors in games pitched four times, appearing in 90 or more in three different seasons. Tekulve saved three games in the 1979 World Series including the winner, as the Pirates defeated the Baltimore Orioles. But the biggest save of his life came last fall when he received a life-saving heart transplant. Teke, as he is known, joins us to talk about his recovery and return to the airwaves as a member of the Pirates broadcast team.

Kent Tekulve (starting at 28:10) remains humble despite all of his successes:

I never thought of myself as a Hall of Famer. I think I'm just very proud to be able to do what I was able to do and to compete against a whole lot of Hall of Famers and have some success against them while I was playing.

Also in today's show: Pittsburgh design firm MAYA and StoryCorps team up to create a mobile version of the StoryCorps recording and archiving experience, and the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds begin their season, giving the sport of Ultimate Disc a firm foothold in the Pittsburgh area. 

Crafting a Great Love Story with StoryCorps' David Isay

Feb 14, 2014
Barbara Steinacker / flickr

Everyone enjoys a good love story and Dave Isay knows that.

That’s why the founder of StoryCorps wrote the book, All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps.

The oral history project documents everyday people sharing stories about their lives.

Isay believes that there is not much difference between what makes a good story and what makes a good love story.