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Pennsylvania State House 33rd District: A guide to the 2022 general election and candidates

90.5 WESA

What's at stake: District 33 is a rare open seat because new district boundary lines left its first-term Republican representative, Carrie DelRosso, stranded on the south bank of the Allegheny River. (DelRosso is now running for lieutenant governor.) The district combines Fox Chapel — one of the region's most affluent suburbs — with a slew of working-class neighborhoods in the Alle-Kiski Valley area. Republican entrepreneur Ted Tomson II is running against Democratic Fox Chapel Borough Councilor Mandy Steele. A win for Steele would help Democrats to eat into Republicans’ majority in the House. The GOP has controlled the chamber since 2010.

Further reading: "Different economic visions drive choice for Dems in 33rd state House district" (Chris Potter, WESA)
"State House control may depend on battle for local state House seat" (Jon Delano, KDKA)
"Energy shapes debate in Pennsylvania legislative elections, in Allegheny Valley and statewide" (An-Li Herring, WESA)

Mandy Steele

Matt Cashore

Steele has long been active in efforts to conserve green spaces. As a member of the Fox Chapel Borough Council, she chairs its Comprehensive Planning Committee. Her environmental causes include an effort to end the use of coal tar as a material for paving area roadways. She supports recently tightened regulations on methane emissions at certain oil and gas facilities, in addition to subsidies for alternative fuel sources. She has pledged to resist any changes to Pennsylvania’s abortion laws, which permit the procedure through the 23rd week of pregnancy, and later if a pregnant individual’s life or health is threatened.

Party: Democratic
Member, Fox Chapel Borough Council (2021 – present)
Founder, Fox Chapel Parks Conservancy (2020 – present)
Founder, Goats for Girls (2007 – present)
Education: University of Pittsburgh
Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Candidate surveys: WESA Candidate Survey; League of Women Voters
Major endorsements: Allegheny County Democratic Committee; Pennsylvania AFL-CIO; former PennFuture, National Wildlife Federation, and Western Pennsylvania Conservancy CEO Larry Schweiger; multiple local elected officials (municipal, county, school district) listed here.
Total contributions (2021-2022): $60,839.30
Total expenditures (2021-2022): $53,938.60

Ted Tomson II

Ted Tomson co-owns a scrap-metal business with locations in Brackenridge and Natrona Heights, as well as the Lernerville Speedway racing track in Sarver. He founded a networking app, called Cardsona, in 2018. He ran for state Senate two decades ago, but lost in the general election. This year, he has campaigned on his support for the fossil-fuel industry and concerns about election integrity. The anti-abortion group LifePAC endorsed him in the May primary. He told KDKA in September that he opposes abortion rights but supports "exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother."

Party: Republican
Founder, Cardsona (2018 – present)
Co-Owner, Lernerville Speedway/Sarver Racing LLC (2015 – present)
Co-Owner, Tomson Scrap Metal (1993 – present)
Education: Penn State University (B.S.); Carnegie Mellon University (M.P.P.)
Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Candidate surveys: WESA Candidate Survey; League of Women Voters
Major endorsements: Laborers' District Council of Western PA
Total contributions (2021-2022): $25,400.00
Total expenditures (2021-2022): $10,109.56