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Wayne And Darrell Scott: Father-Son Country

Darrell Scott grew up on a tobacco farm in Kentucky, just like his father, Wayne. Now Darrell is a Nashville singer and songwriter who went from session musician to solo artist in his own right. In 2005, Darrell inspired his father to record his own album of original songs called This Weary Way. The elder Scott was 71 when his debut album was released.

Many of the songs on Wayne Scott's This Weary Way were recorded in his son's living room. "This recording may be the documenting of one of the most authentic country artists you've never heard," Darrell Scott writes on his Web site. "You be the judge... [My dad] doesn't understand why we have done this recording. Maybe you will. If you do, tell him."

In 2006 Darrell released The Invisible Man. His most recent album is last year's Modern Hymns.

In honor of this Father's Day, Darrell joins singer Catie Curtis on the new downloadable single Dad's Yard, and he and Wayne talk about their lives and perform songs for us.

This interview was first broadcast on July 7, 2006.

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