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RMU Opens New Business School Building

Despite starting out as a purely business school in downtown Pittsburgh 90 years ago, the business school at Robert Morris University has never had its own building since moving to the Moon Township Campus. Today that changes when the university officially opens its new 18,000-square-foot School of Business Complex.

The new building is part of a much larger overall goal the university has for its Moon Campus. "We have five schools of study and [the goal is] eventually to have all schools with their own facilities and this is the next step towards that," said Robert Morris University President Greg Dell'Omo, "actually we are going to be starting construction on a new school of communications and information systems in another month and then a school of nursing and health sciences."

Along with classrooms and offices, the new business school building also includes a video conferencing center that Dell'Omo thinks will be in high demand not only by the students but also by the local business community. It also includes common areas known as "learning centers" where students can gather while not in class. "Learning centers that really give students both the relaxation areas as well as the ability to do work in those group settings that students are working much, much more in today in terms of team projects and so forth," said Dell'Omo.

There are approximately 5,000 students at RMU's Moon campus. 1,100 of them are in the business school.