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New Phase for Summerset at Frick Park

A new phase of Summerset at Frick Park will be ready for its first residents by late spring of next year after being delayed for three years by financial turmoil in the real estate market.

The 238 acres of Summerset at Frick Park were used for years as a slag dump and was bought by the city's Urban Redevelopment Authority in 1995. All existing home sites have sold out, according to Craig Dunham, Project Manager for Summerset Land Development Associates. He said the new phase will include 125 houses, 132 rental units, and 30,000 square feet of commercial space along Brownsville Road.

Dunham said Summerset at Frick has retained and attracted residents from the city, the region and from far away who might otherwise have chosen to live outside the city. He says the project's appeal to professionals, multi-generational families, and those moving back to be near family have helped it survive and thrive in an adverse market.

As in other phases of development, new acreage will accrue to Frick Park—3.5 acres in this instance.