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Pittsburgh Women Question How Guns are Getting into Kids’ Hands

Women, families and members of community organizations will be taking part Saturday in the 4th annual Women's Walk for Peace in Pittsburgh. Ronell Guy of the Northside Coalition for Fair Housing, which hosts the event, says they will celebrate the lives of the victims of street and domestic violence.

"When somebody gets shot or gets hurt, it affects the whole climate and culture of our neighborhood for a period of time," Guy said. "This really is about how we come together and overcome those periods when depression runs rampant."

She says the focus is on working together to "change the conditions that our children have to live under." Guy says to make those changes they want to find out how guns are getting into the neighborhoods, into the hands of kids, and to stop straw purchases.

"A lot of young women and young people who don't have criminal records or have never had an issue with the police, we believe are buying guns for other people (who aren't legally permitted to own a firearm) for $50 or a bag of weed, or for whatever, and not understanding this is a felony," Guy said.

The two-mile walk begins at 10:00 AM at Wilson and Charles Streets and ends in West Park. Guy says that will be followed by many activities including a concert by 21:03, a Grammy-nominated urban gospel/pop group.