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Battles In Concert: ATP Festival 2011

<p>Battles plays the Convention Hall on Saturday night.</p>
<p>Battles plays the Convention Hall on Saturday night.</p>

What do you do when a band member suddenly departs? If you take a step back and breathe, you might move on. For the three remaining members of Battles, singer/guitarist Tyondai Braxton's exit was exactly what they needed. Sparklingly technical and mind-numbingly joyful, their recent album Gloss Drop is, at its heart, a rock record. And while it was largely a studio creation, Battles brought its nuances and controlled freakouts to the Portishead-curated stage at All Tomorrow's Parties.

Set List

"Sweetie & Shag"
"Dominican Fade"
"Wall Street"
"Ice Cream"
"My Machines"

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