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Governor’s Education Agenda to be Unveiled Today

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is scheduled to appear at a charter school in York today, where he's expected to unveil details on his education agenda for the fall legislative session.

Advocates for the state's charter school system have been awaiting specifics since then-candidate Corbett campaigned on charter school reforms more than a year ago. As recently as last August, Education Secretary Ron Tomalis had promised the administration would focus on phasing in taxpayer-funded vouchers for students in failing public schools.

Corbett told reporters last week he planned to roll out his education agenda in the coming days. "We'll announce something, but I'm not prepared to tell you where we are at this point," he said. "People expect us to move much faster. I move more deliberately."

The Governor's office has also discussed plans to overhaul the state's system for evaluating teachers, and possible tax incentives for companies that underwrite scholarships.