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Pittsburgh Partners with Home Depot to Help Low-Income Homeowners

Low-income seniors, veterans, and disabled residents will get some help with home repairs. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Home Depot Foundation President Kelly Caffarelli have announced a two-year partnership for that purpose, which includes a $500,000 grant and work with several organizations.

"For the first time, homeowners will be able to call one number and access eight non-profits," said Caffarelli.

The Sustainable Home Improvement Partnership allows a homeowner with a leaky roof, problem pipes, or any other issue to call 412-281-9773, and a team of professionals and volunteers will make the necessary repairs.

"We're excited to be partnering with the Home Depot Foundation, yet again, to improve the quality of life for our City's most vulnerable residents," Mayor Ravenstahl said. "Up until now, residents who needed help making costly and necessary home repairs had to navigate through several different support agencies. Now, we are streamlining this process and putting more muscle behind it with help from Home Depot and community volunteers, so that we can touch more residents in need more efficiently."

The overall goal is to make these smaller repairs early, thereby helping people stay in their homes, and stabilize low-income neighborhoods.

"Because often the little things start adding up and creating bigger problems, and ultimately lead to homeowners having to move when they might not want to otherwise," said Caffarelli.

The Sustainable Home Improvement Partnership hopes to fix-up and weatherize approximately 70 homes in low-income neighborhoods over the next two years.