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School Board Sets Goals for Superintendent’s Second Year

The Pittsburgh Public Schools Board has set goals for Superintendent Linda S. Lane's second year. They include continuing to implement the Empowering Effective Teachers Plan, continuing emphasis on high school reform, and improving support for and communication with principals.

The goals were approved by the board, minus the support of board member Mark Brentley, who is often the voice of dissent. He said that the goals are "fluffy" and hard to measure.

"It was difficult to present something like the goals that were presented with no clear measurable to accurately measure the success or the progress of the administration," he said.

The board lauded Superintendent Lane for meeting the goals set forth for her first year. Brentley said that she did meet those goals, but only because they were as vague as the ones recently approved.

"'Work towards,' 'work hard,' 'meet with' … those kinds of suggestions were made, and when you make it so general, almost anyone can complete those goals," he said.

Still, Brentley remains a minority in that opinion. Because she met those goals, Lane was eligible for a $15,000 pay increase, which she declined. In a statement, she said, "I am voluntarily freezing my own salary, and even though it isn't going to help much, it is just a statement of the fact that I think there needs to be shared sacrifice."

The new goals set for Lane are designed to work toward the board's goals of maximum academic achievement for all students, efficient and effective support operations for all students, families, teachers, and administrators, and improved public confidence and strong parent/community engagement.