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Occupiers Launch Week of Action

On Friday, BNY Mellon told the members of the Occupy Pittsburgh movement to take down all tents and other structures by noon on Sunday. That prompted the Occupy Pittsburgh "General Assembly" to call for a week of action beginning on Monday morning.

"The week of action will start tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM, when we deliver an eviction notice to BNY Mellon because they are occupying this space and they are violating the rights of human beings," said Occupy Pittsburgh Member Silas Russell at a gathering just outside of the park on Sunday.

While Russell was speaking, some occupiers and supporters from local unions were taking down tents and cleaning the park. At the same time, others were attempting to winterize their tents, vowing to stay for the long haul.

Russell pointed to those who came down to witness the noon deadline and help clean up the park and said, "You have a lot of people who've come down here because they wanted to show their support for this movement and for those who have been camping here. I would predict that if there was a physical eviction taking place we would have a lot of support here."

Occupier David Meieran said that he and others will send out tweets if the police arrive. Meieran said that he will stay in the park as long as possible. An evection response drill was held on Sunday afternoon.

BNY Mellon said that it will go to court on Monday to have any remaining occupiers evicted.