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Callers And Delicate Steve Team Up For 'Further Out'

Courtesy of the artist

It's no surprise that New York's Callers and New Jersey's Delicate Steve would fit together like guitars and bass. Both bands make inventive music that can seem precise yet enjoyably ramshackle at the same time. A new single pairs Delicate Steve's rainbow-tinged guitars with Callers' nimble instrumentation. It's called Further Out/Perfect Pairs and we are happy to have a preview for your listening pleasure.

The story of "Further Out" is both a meditation on the cyclical nature of life and a story of hotel occupants happily watching their time quickly pass away. I can't get the beginning of the chorus out of my mind. Callers' singer Sarah Lucas saying that she's "Got a grasp of the whole/a particular order." In a sense those two lines could sum up the entirety of the song. Every small piece fits inside its own precise spot in the melody, creating a pulsing rhythm that grabs the listener and never lets go. The mix of skittering drums, buzzy guitars and Lucas' quick vocals create an electrifying two-step.

Delicate Steve's Steve Marion described to us how the two bands decided to collaborate together.

I met Sara through some mutual friends at a Deerhoof concert last year. Soon after that I checked out her band (on Myspace!!) and was really into it. I sent her an idea I had for a song while on tour, then we met for a minute during SXSW, saw each other's bands, and talked about making a song when we were both home from tour. Next we met up at Michael Azerrad's "Our Band Could Be Your Life" concert in NY where our bands were both playing. I had an awesome time in the mosh pit with [Callers' guitarist Ryan Seaton]. Shortly after that, we made "Further Out" collaborating back and forth in our home studios."

You can preorder the Callers & Delicate Steve's Further Out/Perfect Pairs 7" at the Western Vinyl online store.

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Dan Raby