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Home Defenders League Demands Action on Housing Crisis

Local homeowners and renters will join an organizing campaign taking place to recruit new members, register homeowners to vote, and hold rallies and house parties. A similar effort is taking place at 21 other locations in 16 states.

Action United member and Beaver County homeowner Michele Kohar said the local group will be reaching out tomorrow by phone to homeowners facing foreclosure so no one has to go through it alone. "We want to urge President Obama to hold these banks accountable. We want there to be a full investigation, and any monies should go to the homeowners and not the banks. Obviously, if there was any wrongdoing — which I believe there was — have them go to jail and be held accountable," said Kohar.

The Home Defenders League's primary goal is to reset millions of mortgages to fair market value to stabilize home values and jumpstart the economy while putting an end to foreclosures.

In May, Pittsburgh Councilman Bruce Kraus introduced a Will of Council urging President Obama to go after banks involved in the moragage crisis.

Canvass training wil be held Saturday morning, and a Home Defenders Leauge informational meeting on June 7 will address those facing foreclosure. More information can be found at or by calling 412-606-2137.